Club Training Sessions 

Monday sessions are usually a steady run
Wednesday sessions are usually intervals/reps

Both sessions start promptly at 7:00pm from Jesmond Pool.

Please arrive around 6:45pm if it is your first session with us.



Monday Night


Monday night training is usually a steady run in small groups and running for c.45-55 mins

  • Bronze: 8:30 min/mile and slower (suitable for those running 10k in 60+ minutes)
  • Silver: 8 to 8:30 min/mile (suitable for those running 10k in 47-60 minutes)
  • QuickSilver: 7:30 to 8: min/mile (suitable for those running 10k in 40-47 minutes)
  • Gold: 7 to 7:30 min/mile (suitable for those running 10k in under 40 minutes)

Step Up Monday: First Monday of each month you have the opportunity to try out the next group up.

No one gets left behind!


Wednesday Night


Wednesday night training is interval/reps work. This will include hill work, long/short reps, fartlek and other sessions.

For an explanation of why we do reps sessions please check out this link from Run Britain


Examples of these sessions include:

Long Reps at Threshold Pace

  • 5 x 5 mins (1 – 3 minute recovery)
  • 3 x 10 mins (1 – 4 minute recovery)
  • 10 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins (1 – 4 minute recovery)

Short Reps

  • Pyramid 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 1 (1 min recovery)
  • 8 x 800 m at 5km pace (jog recovery)
  • 5 x 1km at 5km pace (jog recovery)
  • 3 sets of 800m, 600m, 200m (jog recovery)
  • 1 min out and backs x 8 – 1 min minute recovery.


  • Moor Hills (10 minutes continuous)
  • Jesmond Vale Lane 8 x 90 seconds
  • Matthew Bank Hills – 1 min up jog down recovery


Weekend Training


Some Club members will target longer races, for instance a Spring or Autumn marathon and of course the Great North Run.   Members will informally organise long runs on a Saturday or Sunday at the Monday group pace.

These are advertised on our Facebook page.