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Club Runner of the Month 2021

July 2021 - Phill Carr











June 2021 - Niran Patel

May 2021 - Kirk Tierney

April 2021 - Angus Miller

March 2021 - Cliff Veitch

February 2021 - Jaide Moss

January 2021 - Sarah Bowen





Performance the Month

Club Performance of the Month 2021

July 2021 - Molly Pace (5k Bronze medal NE Championships)











June 2021 Laura Chapman (Dartmoor Discovery)

May 2021 Laura Cheetham (1st female EnduranceLife 10k)

April 2021 - James Wilkins

Not awarded in January to March 2021



Club Performance - Archive

Club Runner of the Month 2020

Runner of the Year 2020 -













Club Runner of the Month 2019

Runner of the Year 2019  - Emily Pass











November - Emily Pass

October - Molly Pace

September - Ben McMain

August - Rob Dooley

July - Kleo Tab

June - Alex Dyter

May - Lottie Rhodes

April - Laura Cheetham

March - Paul Waddell

February - Joe Cherry

January - Gemma Macmillan


Club Performance of the Month 2019

Performance of the Year - Kleo Tabaku (Berlin Marathon)











November - Mark Critchley (Cragside Half Marathon)

October - Kleo Tabaku (Berlin Marathon - sub 3h)

September - David Webster (6th position in debut XC, Wrekenton)

August - Greg Stamp (Fire and Ice Ultra Iceland)

July - Joe Cherry (1st place in Chapeltop Fell Race)

June - Paul Waddell (North East O35 championship record for Triple Jump at NE Masters)

May - Molly Pace (1st female, Pier to Pier race)

April - Kate Black (Stirling Marathon)

March - Kleo Tabuku (PB at  Big 20 Northumberland)

February - Laura Cheetham (4th NE runner at National XC Championships, Leeds)

January - Meg Holmes and Ella Foreman (4th and 5th, Kielder Mountain bike duathlon, immediately following Sherman Cup XC and a Kielder night race - all in one weekend!)


Committee Award

Committee Award

The Committee Award has been awarded since 2019.  It recognises a member of the Club that embodies the club ethos.

Committee Award 2019 - Kate Winstanley.

Kate has been a member of the club for a few years and in that time has made a big impression on us all.   As one committee member said
She's come such a long way, with her attitude towards running and herself! She's also incredibly loyal to the club and even when she wasn't in the north east, she stayed a member ... and now she is back she is always there”   Kate has often volunteered to help with groups and it’s great to see her grow and develop at the club.



Roll of Honour

Club Runner of the Year Roll of Honour

  • 2019 - Emily Pass
  • 2018 - Harry Pulham
  • 2017 - Kate Robson
  • 2016 – Catherine Hawco
  • 2015 – Jonny Law
  • 2014 – Wendy Malkin
  • 2013 – Michael Hedley
  • 2012 – Una McNelis
  • 2011 – Alice Holmes
  • 2010 – Roman Giniyatov
  • 2009 – Hannah Gibbin
  • 2008 – Jenny Adair


Club Performance of the Year Roll of Honour

  • 2019 - Kleo Tabaku
  • 2018 - Harry Pulham