Five JJ’s braved the wet weather conditions to take part in Durhams coastal half marathon today. A race that promised steep inclines and plenty of stairs to climb (320!). It didn’t fail to deliver on either.

The race started with a gentle incline, taking the JJ’s though a picturesque nature reserve and getting some much needed shelter from the rain.
Then the serious work began.

Heading to run back along the coast the JJ’s were greeted with slippery stones, muddy paths and an overflowing stream. The water came over the ankles at several points and it was debated if life jackets were needed. But the JJ’s persevered. The reward? More stairs of course.

The course continued along the cliff edges, with varying degrees of elevation and battles to be had with overgrown thorns and weeds.

Cliff Veitch was the first JJ home with a great 01:59:05, Emma Curtis was next with an impressive 02:04:00. Followed next was Rachel Dee (02:09:38) then Ellie Nicklin (02:14:01) and Anthony Harland (02:14:22) who were close behind and within seconds of each other!

Despite the muddy, trench like trail paths,the unforgiving steep stairs and the questionable direction markers. The real challenge on this run was not getting too distracted by the stunning coastal scenery that greeted our eyes at almost every turn. A fantastic run and great effort from all the JJs! 💙

56th Cliff Veitch M50 48/10
70th Emma Curtis F 11/5
95th Rachel Dee F 17/7
109 Ellie Nicklin F 21/8
110 Anthony Harland M 89/33