Oh, hear ye, hear ye, a tale to be told
Of Endurancel Life’s race, so fierce and bold
In Northumberland, where skies were grey

And winds did howl on this cold winter’s day.
Sarah Wann, with streak so bright and grand,
Completed the ultra, with heart and hand,
In six hours, thirty-seven minutes, and thirty-eight,
A feat of strength, a victory to celebrate.

Lizzie Warnes battled on, with fierce might,
And completed the marathon in six hours and thirty,
With tough conditions, and weather so bleak,
Her spirit and resolve did never weaken.

Eliza Gutteridge and Lorna Dagg,
In the half marathon, did shine and brag
Of times so great, with strides so strong,
Two hours, thirteen and three, and two hours, twenty-three and two, they did belong.

Ben Talks, with valiant heart and soul,
Completed the half marathon, with great control,

In two hours, and fifty-seven seconds,
A triumph of will, of spirit so resplendent.

Liam Blatch, with fervor and might,
Followed close, with all his might,
In two hours, four minutes, and four,
His victory and spirit, to always adore.

Niran Patel and Oli Howell,
In the half marathon, did not cower nor cower,
With a knee injury, they pushed on and on,
And completed the race, in two hours, twenty-eight minutes, and forty-seven seconds, with hearts so strong.

Victoria Thompson, with flying feet,
Battled the winds and cold, with spirit so neat,
In the 10k race, she did soar,
And finished in one hour, three minutes, and fifty-three, to forever adore.

Thus, the Endurancelife race was done,
And with it, tales of glory and battles won.

Congratulations to all who dared to try,
For in their hearts, they shall forever fly.

10km – Women’s Race

23rd Victoria Thompson 01:03:53


Half Marathon – Women’s Race

41st Eliza Gutteridge 02:13:03
68th Lorna Dagg 02:23:02


Half Marathon – Men’s Race

46th Ben James Talks 02:00:57
58th Liam Blatch 02:04:04
95th Oli Howell 02:28:46
96th Niran Patel 02:28:47

Marathon – Women’s Race

20th Lizzie Warnes 06:06:30


Ultra Marathon – Women’s Race

6th Sarah Bowen Wann 06:37:38 1st F45

Report by Niran Patel