Racing with Pies in their Eyes!

Forget T-shirts or Medals, one way to get the JJs out on mass, is to offer a pie at the end! 25 JJs made the start line, and after a JJ mass warm up, Kenyan style, up the hill that the first mile sped down it was Niran who was quick out the blocks with his penchant for pies a badly kept secret. Following a fast start, a lovely run then ensured along the banks of the Tyne taking in the villages of Northumberland before crossing the Tyne at Wylam and returning back along the south bank. Ali Maxwell and evergreen club captain, Tom Dowling, and in the form of his life, led the JJs home.

A fine run from Ben McMain and with Niran Patel taking the fast route to the pie, saw them charging under 40 minutes. With Jayne Oswald finishing the first female JJ and a great 6th senior woman, all the JJs women made it in-side the first 22 for senior women. With some fine category placings, the highest being Geoff Blair in 4th place in the M60 race and impressive after his race win the day before at the Bridges of the Tyne, it was successful night on the Tyne. The Pies were good as the JJs retired to the pub to swap tales of the course. It’s on days like these, you choose your passengers carefully as Lottie Rhodes donated her pie to her driver, Simon Wells. Who possibly shouldn’t have had a second pie according to his erstwhile partner at home? Great to see some JJs making their club debuts, welcome to the world of JJs racing Joe Kirtley. Samuel Bunn and Robin Hollis.

3rd Alistair Maxwell SM 17th 00:37:21

33rd Tom Dowling V45 8th 00:38:34

44nd Ben McMain SM 27th 00:39:15

52nd Niran Patel SM 31st 00:39:40

57th Joe Inns SM 32nd 00:40:32

65th Mark Adamson SM 36th 00:41:17

72nd Oli Howell SM 39th 00:41:37

83rd Laurence White V50 6th 00:42:30

85th Robert Willers SM 43rd 00:42:40

88th Panayiotis Herodotou SM 45th 00:43:01

93rd Joe Kirtley SM 47th 00:43:17

97th Iain Jones V45 18th 00:43:38

110th Simon Wells V50 8th 00:45:00

125th Robin Hollis SM 55th 00:45:37

131st Samuel Bunn SM 56th 00:46:07

140th Phill Carr SM 59th 00:47:26

149th Geoff Blair V60 4th 00:47:48

127th Jayne Oswald SW 6th 00:45:48

159th Georgia Beaty SM 9th 00:48:21

169th Lottie Rhodes SM 11th 00:49:09

173rd Emily Pass SM 12th 00:49:21

184th Liz Heard SM 13th 00:50:10

217th Grant Ridley SM 65th 00:53:08

219th Emma Curtis SM 15th 00:53:25

224th Kate Robson SM 17th 00:53:54

243rd Gerry Rowland SM 22nd 00:55:16