The Bridges of the Tyne are mine all mine!

Four JJs took the line for the postponed Bridges of the Tyne 5 mile race from 2020. A flat and fast 5 mile race along the north side of the Tyne. Simon Wells, Geoff Blair, Emily Pass and Kate Winstanley were the lucky holders of the Bridges golden ticket and Geoff Blair took the opportunity to turn that into a winning ticket, coming in first in the M60 category winning in a time of 36:36. Simon was the first JJ home in 34:36 finishing 8th M50, with Emily finishing 9th senior woman and Kate 13th senior woman. Geoff, Simon and Emily were then off to the next race, the following night. A successful night on a good race, one to recommend for next year as the Race HQ is the Tyne Bar.

110th Simon Wells 00:34:46 V50 8th Male 90th
145th Geoff Blair 00:36:36 V60 1st Male 117th
165rd Emily Pass 00:37:53 Sen F 9th Female 33rd
202nd Kate Winstanley 00:39:39 Sen F 13th Female 48th