The JJs returned to the Weetslade Country Park for the first time since the pandemic for the mixed relays/ With teams of three, which must have one female and a et runner, the JJs fielded 6 teams in a field of 100 teams. Our A team was finished in 26th with Oli Howell recording the fastest male JJ time, Emil Lagadec the fastest female time and Tom Dowling the fastest vet time. Some great racing from the JJs, with close times from all the JJs. Well done JJs.
26th A Oli Howelll 15:54 Emily Lagadec 18:11 Tom Dowling 16:29 50:34
39th B Joe Inns 16:01 Liz Heard 19:06 Cliff Veitch 18:14 53:21
45th C Thomas Jake Archer 16:03 Beth Deutsch 19:53 Simon Wells 18:11 54:07
49th D Niran Patel 16.20 Sophie Reynolds 20:21 Matty Downs 18:01 54:42
60th E Mark Adamson 16:40 Catherine Johnson 21:31 Laurence White 18:18 56:29
73rd F David Gaskin 17:32 Kate Winstanley 21:05 Rob Dooley 21:15 59:52
100 teams finished.