NEHL XC – Race 4 – Thornley Farm – 8/1/22

Women’s race: The women got the JJs off first round the toughest or best race of the NEHL, depending on your point of view, at Thornley Farm. Bring a working farm the ground was perfect for a XC. The women set off and were met with the new hurdle after the second hill, with the option of hurdling or jumping it, all the women got round safely. Laura Chapman had a storming run to finish 11th out of the medium pack but has now moved up to the fast pack for the final race. Megan Rowland, Liz Heard and Emily Green packed well to bring home the scoring four in 8th pace out of 10 teams in Division 1. As ever in the team race, all others help to push down other runners in our division. It was great to see Emily Green and Martha Radley making their XC debuts for the club. It’s great to have you racing for us. Good to see Jo King back out racing this year.

Being in Division 1 is a great achievement for a club our size and it will be great to have a good turnout for the last League race at a much easier Alnwick Castle venue.  Well Done Ladies a great performance from all in very tough conditions.

11th     Laura Chapman          34:06:00          31:46:00

70th     Megan Rowland         36:39:00          36:39:00

81st     Liz Heard                    36:48:00          36:48:00

90th     Emily Green               37:13:00          37:13:00

106th   Lottie Rhodes             37:40:00          37:40:00

135th   Jo King                       38:35:00          36:15:00

143rd   Kate Black                  39:01:00          39:01:00

166th   Kate Robson               39:51:00          37:31:00

177th   Gerry Rowland           40:15:00          40:15:00

189th   Martha Radley            40:41:00          40:41:00

211th   Victoria Thompson     41:57:00          41:57:00


Team placings

8th JJs A          132      7-Chapman   38-Rowland   41-Heard   46-Green

12th JJs B         264      52-Rhodes   64-King   69-Black   79-Robson

JJs C Incomplete         84-Rowland   88-Radley   95-Thompson



Men’s Race: A race of attrition and a mud fest were some of the ways to describe the fourth race of the 2021/22 NEHL at Thornley Farm. The toughest or the best race of the season depending on how you look at it. The JJs men looked on it as the best race with them coming first team in Division 2 on the day beating much larger clubs and almost certainly keeping themselves in Division 2 next season with one race to go. An amazing performance from all the JJs men on a tough course with Joel Birks making his club debut to finish in 2nd place overall and receiving the JJs second ever medal at the NEHL, the second this season after Laura Chapman’s medal at Durridge Bay last October. Joel also ran our fastest time of the day. Along side Joel, Joe Inns, and Toby Routledge got promoted to the medium pack for the last race at Alnwick Castle. Everyone racing contributed to a great team performance, and it really shows the strength in depth we have at the club, possibly the strongest it has ever been. Well done lads a great performance from all in very tough conditions.

2nd      Joel Birks                    39:25:00          39:25:00

24th     Joe Inns                       43:26:00          43:26:00

32nd    Toby Routledge          44:08:00          44:08:00

50th     Alistair Maxwell         44:51:00          39:51:00

52nd    Jonny Law                  44:56:00          42:26:00

69th     Tom Dowling             45:16:00          45:16:00

90th     Jake Archer                 5:56:00            45:56:00

143rd   Dan Perry                    47:38:00          47:38:00

216th   Mark Adamson           50:05:00          50:05:00

249th   Angus Miller               52:00:00          52:00:00

275th   Cliff Veitch                 53:49:00          53:49:00

300th   Phillip Carr                 55:34:00          55:34:00

309th   Simon Wells               56:14:00          56:14:00

312th   Chris Lawrence           56:37:00          56:37:00

323rd   Tim Cook                    57:30:00          57:30:00

358th   Rob Dooley                 62:58:00          62:58:00

368th   Alex Dyter                  64:42:00          64:42:00


Team placings

1st JJs A           61        1-Birks   5-Inns   7-Routledge   13-Maxwell   14-Law   21-Dowling

14th JJs B         456      32-Archer   50-Perry   75-Adamson   90-Miller   101-Veitch   108-Carr

JJs C Incomplete         115-Wells   116-Lawrence   121-Cook   129-Dooley   133-Dyter