Ah me lads, ye shudda seen us gannin’ … all 23 of us (a JJ record at Blaydon I’m sure)

We flew past Airmstrang’s factory, and up to the “Robin Adair” ….  We flew across the Chain Bridge reet into Blaydon toon …

… to an outstanding sub-32 chip time (31.59) by Kleo Tabaku our first lad hame who was swiftly followed by Vincent McCormack (33:31), Robert Willers (33:57), Paul Waddell (34:36) and Marcus Clarke (34:49).

Geoff Blair  brought the first of the gadgies home at 35:01 followed by Simon Wells (35:52), then one of the lads, Alex Ramshaw (36:48), and the third gadgie, Philip Haslam (36:54).

Then the first of the lasses Kate Black (38:58), followed by Jo Kilner (39:37), Lottie Rhodes (40:28), Penny Hunter (40:57)

and then ….

41:01   Ian Mcdonald

42:40   David Newman

43:20   Izzy Chen

43:25   Nina Walton

43:29   Kate Winstanley

45:07   Thai Truong

45:20   Carl Johnson

45:23   Kari Best

46:15   Rosie England

48:13   Alex Dyter

Excellent running by all, on a warm summers afternoon (well early evening!)