President's Cup

The President’s Cup event is held annually in July or September. The event involves relay teams of three or four Jesmond Joggers members and invited clubs.

Results Monday 5th September 2016

1st: Gosforth Harriers (A) 26:38
2nd: Gosforth Harriers (B) 27:15
3rd: Jesmond Joggers (B) 27:47
4th: Jesmond Joggers (A) 28:14
5th: Gosforth Harriers (C) 30:16
6th: Jesmond Joggers (C) 30:46
7th: Jesmond Joggers (D) 33:50
8th: Gosforth Harriers (D) 33:52
9th: Northern Frontrunners (B) 35:31
10th: Northern Frontrunners (A) 39:32


President’s Cup winners 2016: Jesmond Joggers B